Have you written an undergraduate or graduate thesis on a topic related to the Internet this academic year? Is this still fresh in your mind?

Then find your pen again and compete for the ISPAwards!

What is it?

This prize is awarded every year by ISPA, the association representing the Belgian Internet industry. Grab your chance to show your business card to the sector and who knows, maybe you will go home with €500.

How do I participate?

Send a paper of maximum 2,500 words, in English, French or Dutch, based on your thesis or bachelor’s thesis to secretariat@ispa.be . The paper should be related to content moderation, data protection, privacy, emerging technologies or any other internet related topic.

Ok, by when?

The deadline is Friday the 20th of October, 2023. The winner will be announced by the beginning of 2024.

And what exactly is ISPA?

ISPA Belgium brings together the entire ecosystem of the internet industry in Belgium and includes companies that make the internet work, such as access providers, hosters, transit providers, data centers and platforms.The association ensures that the voice of the Internet community is heard and understood by policymakers and the general public, to enable the creation of digital-friendly, future oriented and coherent policies in Belgium.

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