Belgian Internet Service Providers Association

ISPA Belgium brings together the entirety of the Internet industry ecosystem in Belgium, incorporating the companies that make the internet work, such as access providers, hosters, transit providers, datacenters and platforms. The association ensures that the voice of the Internet community is heard and understood by policy makers and the general public, to enable the creation of digital friendly, future-oriented & coherent policies in Belgium


ISPA considers it to be vitally important to take account of the opportunities offered by the rapid and ongoing expansion of the Internet sector, where the turnover amount to 7,2 billion euros in 2016 with a share of investments of 19,6%. In addition to the indirect contributions made to society, the Belgian Internet economy and the 1,554 million registered domain names are themselves a major source of activity and investment for the economy and employment.

The Internet has become an integral part of our society through over 4 million active connections in Belgium, and it is in this sector, characterised by innovation and new technologies, that ISPA actively supports the role of the industry through its various activities.


Latest news

SCRIPTION PRIZE – ISPA presents the 6th Internet Student Paper Award

Have you written an undergraduate or graduate thesis on a topic related to the Internet this academic year? Is this still fresh in your mind? Then find your pen again and compete for the fifth ISPAward! This prize is awarded every year by ISPA. Grab your chance to show your business card to the sector and, who knows, maybe you will go home with €500.

4.547.084 Internet connections in Q1 2020 according to the ISPA market survey

The total number of active Internet connections in Belgium has reached 4.547.084 in Q1 2020. This represents an increase of 2,71 % over the last year and a slight increase of 0,68 % since the last quarter of 2019.

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