The total number of active Internet connections in Belgium (3.634.004) increased by 1,06%  in the fourth quarter of 2012.

The number of residential connections grew to a total of 2.959.078 connections in Belgium. This represents an increase of 1,29%  over the third quarter.

In the business market the number of Internet connections grew to 674.926, which represents a growth of 0,07% over the previous quarter. The reason of this stagnation is mainly due to the complete cessation of the last “dialup” connections” (-69,39%).

Over the whole year 2012 there is a net growth of 152.237 connections compared to 2011, which is mainly due to the 156.173 new broadband lines, of which the majority (82%) in the residential segment. The total net growth in 2012 was quasi equal to the one in 2011.

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