Several groups of young Belgians (scouts, schools, centres for unaccompanied minors…) have developed various awareness raising tools (videos and photo-novellas) explaining and sensitizing other youngsters some of the most debated online security topics: right of publicity, securing passwords, respect of privacy, sexting, grooming and online harassment.

With the help of ECPAT Belgium, the tools are the outcome of two fruitful years of cooperation in the Make-IT-Safe campaign. In cooperation with 4 other ECPAT organisations, it wants to sensitize young people towards a safe and responsible use of the Internet (especially on social media) and make them capable of defending themselves against online risks.

Today, the internet is a major tool to communicate and to be informed. Therefore, ISPA underlines the importance that must be given to e-skills and awareness of youngsters in order to develop their digital skills and surf in a secured way. ISPA has been a partner of the Make-IT-Safe campaign and will also support the yearly Safer Internet Day. The latter will take place on 10 February, promoting safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people. Main theme this year is “Let’s create a better internet together”.

The tools of the Make-IT-Safe Campaign are available for all organisations wishing to use them among other youth groups. Two training manuals – constructed by ECPAT Austria and ECPAT Netherlands – are also disclosed, one for youngsters and one for coaches. All tools and manuals can be found via this link:

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