On the fifth of December 2017, ISPA Belgium awarded the second Internet Student Paper Award to Elise Melchior with her thesis on the regulation of blockchain. ISPA Belgium received submissions of dissertations on very diverse topics related to the internet and from Flemish, Walloon and Brussels university students. The Internet Student Paper Award hopes to highlight the research on the internet of the master students. The price also wishes to stress the importance of the development of academic knowledge regarding the internet. For these reasons ISPA Belgium wishes to share the abstracts of the top ten entries to the second Internet Student Paper Award.

Below is the list of the top ten participants with their dissertation topic that were submitted to ISPA Belgium in arbitrary order.

Please click on the link to read the abstracts of the top 10 dissertations.

1 bitcoin-Sophie Forestini
2 copyright- Simon Geiregat
3 facebook- Alice Asselberghs
4 instagram- Marte Sledens
5 semantic – Friedel Geeraert  (not yet available)
6 hacking – Pauline Limbrée
7 whistleblowers – Victor Rouard
8 jhipster – Axel Halin/Alexander Nuttinck
9 blockchain – Elise Melchior
10 twitter – Ilona Buteneers




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