Dissertation prize – the 3rd Internet Student Paper Award

Compete for the I.S.P.A.!

Have you written a dissertation on an Internet-related topic? Have you developed a revolutionary piece on Internet technology? Have you done in-depth research on a critical legal aspect? Have you reflected on the challenges of Internet governance? Then do not hesitate to compete for the third Internet Student Paper Award, or I.S.P.A.!

Why participate?

  • An opportunity to impress the Belgian Internet sector with your research
  • The winning dissertation will be published on our website
  • The laureate receives €1000

How can I participate?

Summarise your findings in an attractive and accessible article of maximum 2500 words. Feel free to add some pictures and graphs. Send your summary and your dissertation to info@ispa.be on September 30th, 2018 at the latest.

What is ISPA?

The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) brings together not only access and service providers but also hosting and transit providers in Belgium. ISPA aims to serve as a rallying point for the Internet industry so as to ensure that the potential of the Internet is used to the full, from the point of view of both consumers and professionals.


The  rules and regulation can be accessed here.
Should you have any further questions,do not hesitate to contact us at frederique@ispa.be.

Internet Student Paper Award 2017: Dissertation abstracts of top 10

On the fifth of December 2017, ISPA Belgium awarded the second Internet Student Paper Award to Elise Melchior with her thesis on the regulation of blockchain. ISPA Belgium received submissions of dissertations on very diverse topics related to the internet and from Flemish, Walloon and Brussels university students. The Internet Student Paper Award hopes to highlight the research on the internet of the master students. The price also wishes to stress the importance of the development of academic knowledge regarding the internet. For these reasons ISPA Belgium wishes to share the abstracts of the top ten entries to the second Internet Student Paper Award.


ISPA Belgium distributes for the second time the Internet Student Paper Award (I.S.P.A)

Brussel, 6 december 2017 – ISPA, De Vereniging van Belgische Internet Service Providers, heeft voor de tweede keer een scriptieprijs georganiseerd voor masterproeven handelend over het internet: de Internet Student Paper Award (I.S.P.A). Winnaar Elise Melchior, afgestudeerd aan de Universiteit van Namen (UNamur), bestudeerde in haar masterproef de nood aan regulering van blockchain. Ze werd tijdens een plechtigheid in Brussel beloond met een cheque van 1000 euro. De tweede prijs ging naar Pauline Limbrée, eveneens van de Universiteit van Namen (UNamur) met haar masterproef over hacking. De derde prijs ging naar Marte Sledsens van de Universiteit Gent (UGent) die haar thesis over Instagram schreef.

Bruxelles, le 6 décembre 2017 –  ISPA, L’Association belge des fournisseurs de service Internet, a organisé pour la deuxième année consécutive le prix récompensant le mémoire de fin d’étude traitant de questions liées à Internet : L’Internet Student Paper Award (I.S.P.A.). La gagnante, Elise Melchior de l’Université de Namur (UNamur), a été récompensée par un chèque d’une valeur de 1000€ pour son mémoire traitant de la régulation du Blockchain. Le second prix a été attribué à Pauline Limbrée de l’Université de Namur pour son mémoire sur le hacking et le troisième prix a été décerné à Marte Sledsens, de l’Université de Gand (UGent) qui a écrit sur le phénomène Instagram.