Belgian Internet Service Providers Association

By bringing together not only access and service providers but also hosting and transit providers, ISPA aims to serve as a rallying point for the Internet industry so as to ensure that the potential of the Internet is used to the full, from the point of view of both consumers and professionals.

ISPA considers it to be vitally important to take account of the opportunities offered by the rapid and ongoing expansion of the Internet sector, where investments amounted to € 1.3 billion in 2011 and which accounts for over 22,000 direct jobs. In addition to the indirect contributions made to society, the Belgian Internet economy and the 1,356 million registered domain names are themselves a major source of activity and investment for the economy and employment.

The Internet has become an integral part of our society through over 3.65 million active connections in Belgium, and it is in this sector, characterised by innovation and new technologies, that ISPA actively supports the role of the industry through its various activities.

  • Make-IT-Safe


    Several groups of young Belgians (scouts, schools, centres for unaccompanied minors…) have developed various awareness raising tools (videos and photo-novellas) explaining and sensitizing other youngsters some of the most debated online security topics.

  • ISPA supports Digital Belgium


    The Digital Agenda is an ambitious strategy to exploit the economic and social opportunities of the digital economy. ISPA will continue to be a constructive and reliable partner for achieving the proposed Digital Agenda