The partners are associate members who are engaged in an activity related to Internet but outside the definition that we use to accept members. The partners include/understand:

  • Companies who could be full members, but not in a position to play an active role in the association
  • Companies not fulfilling the requirements for full membership, but willing to play a role in the Internet in Belgium
  • Students, journalists and others within the Internet environment
  • Honourary members who have accepted this title

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In addition to the workgroups and the quarterly market survey, ISPA is also involved with in various projects with prestigious partners. Here are some examples:

EuroISPA is the pan-European association of the ISP associations of the countries of the European Union. ISPA Belgium officially rejoined EuroISPA during the last semester of 2006. The benefits of membership of EuroISPA include the opportunity to organise networking and exchange of information with other ISP organisations at a European level and with international organisations.

Time.lex is a law firm, specialised in Telecommunication, IT/IP, Media and E-business/entertainment – timelaw. A law firm that focuses on the creation, management and exploitation of information and technology, in all of its diverse forms.

DNS Belgium is an association who’s mission is to register domain names under, to facilitate the Internet access and to stimulate its use. As founding member, ISPA has very close relations with DNS Belgium.

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