ISPA’s mission is to unite companies providing Internet services in Belgium in order to create a better information society thanks to the Internet.

To fulfil its mission, ISPA gathers the Internet sector, political decision-makers, the judicial authorities and the general public as a whole to ensure that the Internet is used to its full potential, stressing in particular the importance of wider, better Internet service provision.

The association achieves its aim by:

  • promoting the opportunities offered by the Internet
  • putting in place a code of ethics for Internet service providers
  • representing the sector in relations with decision-makers
  • providing members with expertise and information about the latest technological developments
  • working together with related organisations in Belgium and throughout the world
  • circulating correct and accurate information about the sector, in particular using market surveys
  • organising forums and events to enable networking and the exchange of best practices.

Now more than ever it is within ISPA that its members will by combining forces to be able to ensure that the Internet develops to its full potential.